Leadership coaching and group trainings for impactful change

Dmitri Friesen Coach


I am Dmitri, a leadership coach and supervisor. I specialize in assisting managers in addressing their daily leadership challenges by refining communication skills, maintaining focus and providing unbiased feedback on their actions. My approach encompasses executive coaching, supervision, and action methods, ensuring a personalized experience for each client.

In addition to conducting one-on-one sessions, I offer teamwork trainings and facilitate strategic discussions. As a moderator, I ensure that all perspectives are heard and critical questions are openly addressed. 

My services are available both in-person and online, and I am proficient in English, Russian, and Estonian. Whatever your goals may be, I am dedicated to collaborating with you to harness your unique strengths and motivations to achieve them.

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Executive coaching

Executive coaching focuses on the leadership challenges faced by managers and key employees. It helps to understand how to intentionally apply available leadership skills and character strengths through the promotion of self-reflection and situational awareness.  Feedback from the coach helps to identify potential areas of improvement and co-create a developmental plan to realize hidden potential. 

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Leadership workshops

According to Patrick Lencioni, an internationally renowned teamwork researcher and author of multiple foundational books on the topic, the five common dysfunctions of underperforming teams start with the absence of trust. Tailor-made leadership training equips leaders with the practical skills they need to build trust in teams and maximize performance.

Leadership workshops:

All my workshops are practical; participants learn by actively engaging in group or pair activities facilitated by me.

Public speaking coaching

Public speaking coaching is a tailor-made individual or group training meant for those seeking to improve their presenting skills, overcome stage anxiety and develop an engaging delivery style. Training teaches how to write speeches, provide simple explanations of a complex issues and answer questions on the spot, remaining calm in any unexpected situation. 

It’s a 100% practical course based on individual feedback, coaching and progressive home assignments. Get ready to write, present, film and have a lot of fun. Training can be provided individually or as a group training on-site. Also, I regularly read this course in the Estonian Business School, so you can participate there too.

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If you are a business leader or want to become one, this course will greatly help you from the very first meeting.

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Event facilitation

If your company is experiencing rapid expansion or confronting a reduction in business, it is crucial to take time to process the changes. External facilitation helps everyone to feel equal and speak up freely. The facilitator helps to deliver important messages neutrally, let everyone express their opinion and find a common way forward.  

Facilitation can be done in many ways from discussion moderation to ideation and co-vision. Whenever you need to ensure the involvement of the team, external facilitation is your best choice. 

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Every individual working directly with people, whether as a manager or senior specialist, requires regular supervision. Supervision aids in overcoming work-related stress, resolving conflicts, and adapting to changes. Employees join an organization but frequently leave due to issues with their managers. To support and develop managers, systematic supervision should be an integral part of the organizational culture.

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Service corresponds to the ANSE and NBBE standards and can be conducted either individually or in a group setting.