My journey into coaching began in the ICT industry, where I spent fifteen years building healthy and high-performing teams. At a certain point, I realized that my true passion lay in helping people live their best personal and professional lives. This revelation ignited my own transformation journey, prompting me to pursue two additional degrees. I became an executive coach then supervisor, and finally established my own teamwork training company. 

My journey wasn't easy at times, but I'm proud of every step I've taken and grateful for every lesson learned. Letting go of past experiences and deepest convictions took a lot of courage and dedication, but it has made me freer, stronger, and happier than I could have imagined before. My commitment to ongoing self-exploration and development constantly drives me toward a more joyful and fulfilling life, and I welcome you to join me on this rewarding path.

Truly yours,


ANSE Supervisor and psychodrama group leader!

I would never think that I will study one subject for three years or 700+ hours. But here I’m, happy for mastering this magical craft and grateful for being part of hundreds of incredible stories.

Psychodrama is a genius experiential learning method that reveals the inner world from the first-person perspective and gives a voice to the most important roles in our life. 

It was one of the greatest journeys so far and made me crave more - more clarity, freedom and happiness for myself and my clients.

Thank you all who walked, taught and learned together with me.

My Final Thesis "Application of Roleplay in Executive Coaching" can be found here.


ICF Executive Coach

Four months of this inspiring study flew by as one day, incredible classmates made it unforgettable and have shown great examples that everything is possible if you are honest with yourself, ready to change and dedicated to your goals.

Besides learning about the ICF approach to coaching and various creative methods, I have found answers to the most important professional questions - who am I and what is my personal coaching model? 

I understood that I'm a teacher by my nature. My coaching style balances acceptance and support with a healthy dose of challenge. This helps my clients to see their blind spots and use natural strengths to overcome them. When coaching falls short of tools for doing a deeper exploration I rely on role-play to uncover hidden emotions and use them as a step forward.  

Searching for the fundamental answers inside yourself wasn't easy but it was totally worth the effort and I'm looking forward to continuing my studies. 


Master in Business Administration!

What an honor and a privilege to study in such a great school with such an amazing classmates!

Going back to school after ten years break was like a gift of a second youth. Exciting and mesmerizing period full of discoveries, fun new hobbies, and intense group works.  The further time goes forward the better it all feels. 

EBS is a truly inspiring place, full of bright and ambitious people striving for excellence. MBA studies taught me to see the global picture, understand the importance of working as a team and value diversity. After finishing my MBA I decided to continue as a Ph.D. but this is another story that I haven't finished yet.