Concise Systems OÜ

"There is something about Dmitri that I have never seen in anybody else. There are many Coaches or Supervisors but they always seem to be trying to act as one. It is either their role or job. But Dmitri - it is like in his DNA. His genuine personality and way of thinking should be given as an example of how coaches should be. 

And when you actually do coaching or supervision sessions with him: you will feel at times surprised, confused, interested, even a little weird. But above all, during the entire time you feel good and see how your mind gets clearer and clearer. One of the best time spent!"

Indrek Tallo, Key Account Manager, 2023

Estonian Business School

"I wanted to say big-big thank you for your effort on our Public Speaking course! It did feel really hard being on stage and present in front of people, but with that experience, I started to understand why I have been so afraid of this and what I need to do to change it. You did a really good job and I am glad that you were my teacher!"

MBA class, 2022

Wisercat Estonia OÜ

"Dmitri has greatly helped us to structure our strategic discussion and come to the desired outcomes. His moderation style was warm and supportive but sharp and straightforward where necessary. He was in contact with all of the team members and helped everyone to speak up. 

I highly recommend him as a moderator."

Vassili Ljahhovets, Managing Partner, 2022 

Tallinna Lastekodu

“Dmitry is a true professional with a flexible approach and extraordinary attention to detail. It was easy and pleasant to go through supervision with him, he literally infects with energy and optimism. We are looking forward to seeing him again!"

Jussikalda family, 2021